Custom made wedding dresses are created by combining your ideas with Heather’s expertise, to result in a Wedding Dress absolutely perfect for you in every way… made to your own specific measurements.

After the excitement of announcing to your family & friends that you will soon be a bride… along comes the exciting, but sometimes daunting decision you now face… What will I wear! What style or design am I after? Modern, classic or vintage? What colour do I want to best suit my complexion & the design to most flatter my figure? What is my realistic budget?…. all these aspects need to be considered.

When searching for ‘the’ Wedding dress for your special day, you will possibly search endlessly online for ideas and designs, and decide on a girls day out to scour the Bridal Boutiques to see what is available. If the design or price does not quite suit, you may explore the option of having your wedding dress made for you.

If you would like to recreate the essence of a particular design but with a few changes (necessary if the intent is to ‘copy’ a Designer Gown, as there are both legal & ethical issues) and would like some advise, please feel free to email me a picture of the Gown (details on my “Contact Us” page). I will quickly be able to let you know the possibilities and approximate pricing to have such a Wedding Dress made.

As a pattern maker your Gown will be made and designed to your own personal measurements.

It is important to note that I often get requests for ‘all over’ lace designs with clients hoping they will be significantly less expensive than an original Designer Gown, or that I can purchase the lace for them. Unfortunately this is rarely so as I cannot purchase laces other than retail, as all my Gowns are one-off designs, and therefore I do not buy bulk amounts that will reduce the cost of the lace. Most other times, I can supply all other fabrics for you, within your quote. But if cost (within reason) is not a massive issue to you, with so many beautiful laces available, it is best for you to select yourself, and have the ultimate participation and involvement in creating your custom made Wedding Gown! All of course with my guidance.

Therefore, your quote will be dictated by the fabrics used, the amount of work and any hand detailing but generally, you will be looking at approx. $2500 – $3500 for a custom made Wedding Gown. All fabrics, except lace, will be provided within the quote, or otherwise stated. If you would like to supply your own fabrics, this is also an option, and quoted accordingly.

Once this is established and this range suits your budget, please forward your design ideas and I would be delighted to have a look at your thoughts, ideas and designs, and give you an approximate quote. If this is acceptable, then I will look forward to your totally obligation free appointment at my Studio in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs, within an hours drive of the CBD, to discuss further, where I shall give you a fixed written quote, and we shall make all your fitting appointments. Your written quote will not change unless at your request, there are major changes to those set out in the quote, and of course will be discussed prior to any changes.

Your payments will be spread over your 5 appointments in total, and we have Eftpos (Visa, Mastercard or Debit Card) , internet transfer or cash for your convenienceShould you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Heather via our Contact Us page, or on 9728 4478.

Thank you.


For a completely obligation-free Consultation, please phone 03 9728 4478