From minor to extensive alterations to your pre purchased Wedding dress…. never underestimate the importance of “fit”, and how incredible that will make you look and feel on your wedding day.

Heathers vast experience & skill developed over 30 years, will ensure that no-one will ever know your Wedding dress has been altered, repaired, redesigned or not made exclusively for you… perfect.

All gowns no matter where they are purchased and no matter what the pricetag, require alterations, as none of us are a “standard” size. I therefore wish to offer you a service of both minor and complex “Alterations” that may be required to your Wedding dress, as well as a service to “Redesign” your Wedding dress….. they are all a little different and explained below….

MINOR ALTERATIONS to your pre purchased Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Alterations are required when you purchase your Gown, and you love it ….but it just doesn’t fit perfectly…yet!

This may mean generally refitting to your size, altering the length, adjusting the bust area for a different cup size or inserting bra cups for a fuller bust look to support the bodice of the Gown or repairing some beadwork. Your hemline may need to rise, as well as lace borders that need to be hand removed, then applied back on at the correct length, with no visible signs of alterations at all, of course!

All Wedding Dress alterations are possible and will make an enormous difference to your Gown making it look as if it were made for you. This is because I am a qualified pattern maker and designer and the alterations are made as the body adjustment requires it not just taking it in a little at the side.

This type of alteration, will naturally depend on the amount and type of work required, are generally from about  $400 – $600.

COMPLEX ALTERATIONS to your “DESIGNER“ pre purchased Wedding dress

Traditionally, “Designer” Gowns are beautiful complex Wedding dresses with specialized detailing and fabrics, often with many layers of fabrics and petticoats or simple exquisite soft Silk and lace that warrant the higher price tag than some other equally beautiful Wedding dresses available.

The alterations can be complex but this is a great way to have the Designer Gown you love at a reduced price as it may be second hand or a Store ‘sample’ gown, and then have the alterations you require done.

I have altered many Gowns in this way from Vera Wang designs, Alex Perry, Colette Dinnigan, Jenny Packham and the ever delicate Anna Campbell Gowns to name a few, plus many many more over my 30 years in this Industry I love. I am delighted to say all my clients leave happy & smiling as if they are wearing a Gown especially designed for them. I love that!

As a designer & pattern maker myself, I will know exactly where to alter and change design elements to fit you perfectly. This is a very viable option to have the gorgeous Designer Gown you have always wanted.

Just ensure you purchase the Gown a little on the larger side, rather than smaller, and accommodates your shoe height as well. All these little tips widen your options for fit and alterations.

For this type of alteration, simply due to the complexity of the existing design, your quote may well be a little higher than if it were for a minor alteration of perhaps simply a size or length adjustment. This may be from $600-$900, however of course each quote will be based purely on the work needing to be done, and quoted accordingly at your totally obligation free initial appointment.

WEDDING DRESS “REDESIGN” for your pre purchased Wedding dress

Wedding Dress Redesign is when you have a Gown you have bought, but you want some changes to make it reflect your own personality and style for your wedding day that may be more than just a fit and length adjustment.

You may want a different shape skirt or additional layers/textures/fabric or embellishments. You may want to add colour, or change the design by removing/adding straps. Perhaps adding lace or “bling” to add detail to what may have been quite a plain design for your liking initially, or completely changing the neckline or bodice for that matter. Your Wedding dress may be pre loved from your local charity store or a gift from a friend who would love you to wear it, and you wish to modernise or personalise it, to more reflect your style…

This ‘redesigns’ the Wedding Dress into a gorgeous new design that is exclusively yours.

If you are unsure of what can actually be done and would like advice on the possibilities and prices, I would be more than happy to give you a totally obligation free appointment and quote to meet with you personally at my Studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, within an hours drive of the CBD.

At your initial appointment, all options will be discussed and if you have a certain budget we will design and fit your alterations to within your budget of course. Minor changes may be as little as $500, or for more substantial alterations, or in fact “redesign” your whole Wedding Dress more or less, your quote will naturally be higher but will entirely depend on the work and additional fabrics required, and it may be $1000 or $1950 if just about totally remade.

Payments are split over your appointments, and will not change, unless the design does at your request throughout the process together, and of course, this will only be if the changes are major to those in your written quote. We have Eftpos for your convenience (Visa, Mastercard & Debit Card, as well as accepting Internet transfer and cash.

Should you like a more definite quote and to discuss you options, please call 9728 4478, or make contact through her Contact Us page, to see what is really possible with your near perfect Gown.

By accepting my offer of a totally obligation free appointment to discuss your options in much more detail, at very least, you will know what is possible construction wise for the existing dress, and what options you have, and the cost to create the Wedding dress of your dreams!

Thank you.


For a completely obligation-free Consultation, please phone 03 9728 4478