First and foremost, I would like to reassure you that I take enormous care, and honour, that you would trust me to care for and remake your precious Gown for you.

I love this wonderful trend that is increasing in popularity. I have been fortunate enough to work with all types of Vintage Gowns from a turn of the century French Satin and lace Gown, to many girls redesigning their grandmothers Wedding dresses into a modern day version of the original. Or clients wearing their mothers 70’s and 80’s Wedding dresses, not so much modernizing, but reusing and re-cutting the Gown to still have the sentimentality of using their mums dress fabric incorporated into their own modern design.

The further back in time we go, the more our body shapes have changed from the women who lived long before us. Sometimes this entails making a whole new bodice to fit our taller frames, and slightly larger shoulders & waistlines. The fabric may have discoloured in part, or stained over time. Metal zippers will be replaced and all seams reinforced as most threads were made from cotton alone (no synthetics for strength) and hence perish over time. The now delicate laces have also often stained with rust spots or perished, so I carefully restore the fabrics themselves, as well as the designs to ensure we can hug our loved ones without any small disasters on the day!……

If you are even remotely considering using a family heirloom or an estate Vintage Wedding dress please let me have a look for you, and explain the options you have before you discard the thought when it is more than likely possible to achieve. Your initial appointment is totally obligation free, so you have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain in knowing what your options are for this precious Wedding dress, and if you would like to proceed in creating another equally beautiful, but perhaps just a little different… Vintage Wedding dress!

It is difficult to quote on such restorations, as they can vary so very much from one Gown to another. In a very general quote you would assume you may be looking anywhere from $950 – $2400 as often new under fabrics etc will also need to be covered within this quote. It really does depend on many many factors!

Payments are split over your appointments, and will not change, unless the design does at your request throughout the process together, and of course, this will only be if the changes are major to those in your written quote. We have Eftpos  (Visa, Mastercard & Debit Card), as well as accepting Internet transfer and cash, for your convenience.

Should you like a more definite quote and to discuss you options, please call 9728 4478, or make contact through her Contact Us page, to see what is really possible with your precious Gown.

Heather Sellick Bridal Couture is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, within an hours drive of the CBD.


For a completely obligation-free Consultation, please phone 03 9728 4478